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BritBox's Reasons to Like British Cars


You look good driving one

They reduce your IRS burden because you have less cash on which to owe income tax

They are not really taxable as assets when the parts are spread all around your garage and basement

You lose weight because you have less money to spend on food

There's no place for a computer to be connected to download failure codes

They're like cats: they don't love you back, but you like 'em anyway because they're cute

They're like dogs: the perfect companion for a little excursion. Yes, they leak on the floor sometimes...

You always wanted to drive the clown car when you saw the circus

People tend to be a little wistful when they admire them, instead of lustful

You look good driving one

You don't really need a radio because the engine sounds so cool. What's a CD player?

They are not as unreliable as everyone says. Just kidding!

Driving one is a process in and of itself, not just a means to get to a destination

Working on one is a process in and of itself, not just a means to keep a car running

They are easy for the uninitiated to learn to work on, but will still challenge you for the rest of your life

They connect you to a certain point in time at the country of origin; to a proud history of British automotive achievement

Every time you score a NOS part on eBay it's like Christmas and your birthday, all at the same time

Driving one turns tedious little errands into a brain massage

There's just something very nice about real wood dashboards and trim

You don't mind getting out-dragged by a minivan because, well, the jerk is still stuck with a minivan, for God's sake!

You look really, really good driving one