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British Car Day 2007 at Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton, Ohio

Amphicars are Back!

A perennial favorite at British Car Day in Dayton, Ohio -- the Amphicar. Why is a German car that thinks it's a boat so popular and welcomed at a British car and motorcycle show? Two reasons: they are powered by Triumph Spitfire engines, and the owners are known to give rides on the nearby lakes and river. Gebildet mit Spitfire, ja? Sehr gut!

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Austin Healey Sprite and 100

The original Austin Healey Sprite just looks so happy and friendly. Its bigger sibling, the Austin Healey 100, looks happy and ready to eat another LBC or your bank account, whichever comes first.

Jaguar XK

Can't decide which Jaguar to own -- soft top or tin top? Buy one of each!

Jamaican Powered by Triumph

These fiberglass-bodied kit cars manufactured by Fiberfab were powered by a variety of engines. This one has a 4-cylinder Triumph TR4 powerplant beneath its enormous bonnet. You won't see one of these lovely vehicles every day, that's for sure. Unless you have one out in your garage, you lucky so-and-so!

Lotus and Morgan

Who said all British cars look alike?

Lotus Europa

Morgan 4/4, Lotus Elise, Lotus Europa

Morgan 4/4

Do you prefer the red Morgan, or the red Morgan?

Morgan with Triumph engine

Triumphs and More Triumphs

The Triumph marque is always well represented at British Car Day. You can expect to see the most popular models in great numbers. You can also expect to see the unexpected...

Triumph TR4

Triumph Spitfire interior

Triumph TR7 and TR8

Triumph Stag

Triumph 2000

Triumph Dolomite and Triumph 2000. It is unlikely these two models have been next to each other very many times since the last Triumph dealership closed...


The Mini: a car that makes most people smile, even if they don't know what it is or what it means.

Mini -- old and new

Classic Mini