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British Car Day August 6, 2006 at Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton, Ohio

A record turnout of over 350 British cars and motorcycles made the 2006 British Car Day one of the best shows ever.

The weather was fine and the bratwurst was poppin' and the lone Metropolitan said "beep beep" in that tolerant way that it must after all these years.


The twins were back! These Triumph Herald-engined Amphicar car/boat doodles charmed the crowd with their quirky, distinctive look. The rides on the lake didn't hurt, either.

The cars are actually  more German than British, but no one seems to care. Kind of like the new Mini, except that taking your Mini out onto Eastwood Lake will probably void the warranty.

1946 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

A survivor that was recently brought out of decades of climate-controlled storage and is in incredible original condition. This is what happens when airplane companies build cars--the coachwork and engineering are most impressive.


The friendly gentleman who owns this car had cleaned and organized the tools but had not yet opened the swing-down spare tire compartment until this image was taken! The tire, hand pump, and other sundry components were intact and unmolested. What a time capsule.

Jensen Interceptor

This is probably one of the better places to keep a spare Chrysler hemi V8 engine, if you happen to have one sitting around.

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