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British Car Day- August 6, 2005 at Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton, Ohio

The BCD 2005 images on this page were graciously provided by Ron Parks from the Dayton MG Car Club, SWOC. For more information about that club, and more images, go to their Web site.

Humber Super Snipe

This is not your father's Humber Super Snipe!

What a rare treat, a Humber in good original condition. Pretty special stuff for Dayton, Ohio.

Triumph Stag

Beautiful Michelotti styling, and a V8 under the bonnet. The Stag never really got the chance to live up to its potential.

Austin Healey 3000


A tough, sporty little car with timeless good looks. It sometimes seems like there are more of them on the road now than there were 40 years ago!

Triumph TR4

The mythical Surrey top...and lightweight alloy wheels! Yow!

Triumph TR4 and TR250