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British Car Clubs, Organizations & Related Websites:         

The Vintage Triumph Register

6-Pack -- the TR6 and TR250 Car Club of the Americas

The British Car Forum

Buckeye Triumphs Club, in Central Ohio

The Heritage Motor Centre in Gaydon, UK: archives, exhibits, and Heritage Certificates

The Alvis Owners' Club, a very organized and very dedicated group of Alvis enthusiasts

MG Car Club Southwestern Ohio Centre

Club Triumph in the UK

The forgotten Triumph, the "razor edge" Mayflower

Here's a very complete Jaguar site

Rover Club of Sweden

The Rover P6 Club, everything about the 2000, 2200, and 3500

Triumph Stag Club in the US

Sports Car Market: lots of classic car anecdotes and auction results

Morgan Plus 4 Club

British-based MG Club

Bristol -- here's what happens when an airplane company makes cars...

The Riley Motor Club: one of the oldest car clubs around...original members are scarce

Very nice Web magazine about the wee bitty Triumphs. Great links page!

The Big Healey is one of the icons of British motoring. Site has a great timeline, and well organized links

The Sunbeam Alpine Owners Club of America

British Car Links: the most amazing, humbling, complete collection of British motoring sites on the Web! 

Here's a list that you DO NOT want to be on:

Great page of Triumph print ads, as well as pages of racing images

Rootes / Talbot (Hillman, Humber, Matra, SIMCA, Singer, and Sunbeam) Resource

"Brosky's" site about his incredibly well maintained and updated one-owner-since-new 1974 Triumph TR6

Tripp's TR6 -- great images and text that document a Triumph TR6 restoration in NW Ohio

The "Old" BritBox blog -- it wanders between the guardrails like a Triumph TR250 with a broken steering rack

Old Classic Car -- one of the most complete vintage car sites you'll ever see

Here's another comprehensive UK-based classic British car site you must visit

The British Saloon Car Club of Canada

British Car Parts & Service Vendors*:

TRF, The Roadster Factory

British Parts Northwest

Rimmer Brothers

Chris Witor, Triumph 2000 and 2.5 specialist

Moss Motors

Motorhead has sold parts and restored British cars for 37 years

Macy's Garage, SW Ohio British Car service and restoration

The Programme Covers Project, a great selection of racing program covers

McMaster-Carr, for SAE Fine hardware, and more

Parts for the Sunbeam and other Rootes cars

More Sunbeam parts. Do you need some?  

Good Parts: Performance Engineering for the Triumph TR6

Smoothline, manufacturer of sports car hard tops and more

Smith & Deakin: did someone mention non-metallic body parts? 

Lever shocks, brake cylinders and calipers, carbs, and more from Apple Hydraulics

TS Imported Automotive, western Ohio supplier of new high performance parts, as well as used bits, the guys who do nice rocker arm assembly rebuilds at very fair prices

POR-15 is the rust-preventative paint you've heard about. Wear gloves while applying, or it's like getting a tattoo

Scott's Old Auto Rubber, an amazingly complete supplier of rubber bits and trim for British cars of all kinds

Many of the classic Haynes manuals are being reprinted

Revington TR has cool performance parts for Triumphs 

You probably already bought a John Skinner interior kit, but it had some other company's name on it...

Fix your Triumph frame...or get a new one from RATCO!

Team Triumph in Ohio has been dismantling British cars and selling parts since 1990

Advance Auto Wire supplies quality wiring products for British cars

Scott Helms makes custom crankshaft thrust washers for Triumphs. You probably need some.

What do you want to know about SU and Zenith-Stromberg carburetors? Joe Curto has the answers.

Moto-Lita, the classic British steering wheel

*BritBox wants to point out that inclusion on this page is in no way an endorsement of the companies named, their products, or services. But they're probably okay!


Great Formula One coverage and archives

Comprehensive auto racing site, by category

Very well done DTM site if you are into tin tops

The way we all imagine ourselves, racing up a narrow country lane